Are you looking for an expert in getting a house ready and selling a home after a loved one has passed away? I am here to co-ordinate and manage the liquidation of the estate.

This process is time consuming, potentially expensive, and emotionally draining. I am here to help, and I can take a substantial amount of that burden off your plate. How? Working closely with you and your family we create a strategy and execute the plan. Once everyone has gone through the home I will co-ordinate the sale, donating and disposing of household items, get handy people in to do minor repairs, professional clean, market and sell the home. 

If major repairs need to be done, we can discuss the risk/reward of doing those repairs. I work with your lawyer to ensure you are protected every step of the way.

My goal is to ensure you and your family are disposing of the assets of the estate in a transparent environment where questions and concerns can be asked and answered. Communication, honesty, respect, and trust are my promises to you. I will keep you informed the entire time so you may make decisions quickly and confidently. 

My marketing is highly visible and gains a lot of traction on various social media and advertising platforms. I market and advertise appropriately to ensure the maximum exposure for both the sale of household items as well as the property. Every situation is unique.

If you are the executor/administrator of an estate, please reach out and we can discuss your needs. Save time, money and stress with one call.