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Nov. 1, 2022


Radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and second leading cause in smokers.

This smelless gas comes out of the ground and into our homes. Luckily on Vancouver Island we have very low radon gas emissions.  On the map below green is good! Green shows less than ...

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June 3, 2022


Are you looking for an expert in getting a house ready and selling a home after a loved one has passed away? I am here to co-ordinate and manage the liquidation of the estate.

This process is time consuming, potentially expensive, and emotionally draining. I am here to help ...

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April 4, 2022

Where There's a Will

This month I have come across several different scenarios on properties where someone has passed away and I wish to share some of these stories. 

  1. Passing away with no will. This is the most challenging situation because so many things can happen. These are the two situations I have ...

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March 14, 2022


This month I have personally come across four foreclosure listings. That is a lot in terms of what I have seen in the past. There is definitely more to this story as we come out of COVID financial times and back into the mainstream finance world.

Banks, Mortgage Finance ...
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Feb. 4, 2022

Waiting Versus Buying High

I know it is hard to purchase a home in a Seller’s market and that you don’t want to overpay. Let’s look at the true cost of waiting.


Here are some outlooks on price increases for property values in 2022. The Canadian Real Estate Association predicts a 7.6 ...

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Feb. 4, 2022

2022 Real Estate Strategies

Are you looking to purchase a home? Here are some top strategies for purchasing a home in 2022.


  1. If you need financing, set up an appointment with a mortgage broker and discuss your options. Do a full financial analysis with your mortgage professional that includes a credit check, income ...
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Dec. 7, 2021

When It Rains

I have heard politicians and people of authority express what a 200 year floodplain means and it drives me crazy when they explain it incorrectly. A 200 year floodplain does not mean the occurrence will only occur every 200 years. A 200 year flood plain is a way of describing ...

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March 9, 2021

For Sale By Owner

Last week a neighbour asked me how much I thought her house was worth. I did a comparative market analysis and said I would list it at $550,000. Her jaw dropped as she had been offered $475,000 by an acquaintance. They settled on a price in the middle ...

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March 8, 2021

Pitfalls of Subject Free Offers

It is a crazy market out there, possibly you are on your third or fourth offer and you are getting tired of losing out on an offer once again. You want to go subject free.  I get it and I understand. Buyer’s Fatigue is real.

Here are 5 standard ...

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Feb. 5, 2021

Looking for Opportunities in a Seller's Market


A seller's market can be quite overwhelming for a buyer. With a positive mindset and some strategic planning, a buyer can do very well in a seller's market, especially right now. If I was considering purchasing a home in this market these are a few things I ...

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