Buying a house is a huge emotional commitment and there are right ways and wrong ways to go about the process, especially in a very active real estate market like we are seeing on Vancouver Island. Anyone reading this is at some stage of looking for a home. Whether the plan is for immediately or sometime down the road, different strategies can help you secure the best home for you. 

Firstly, let’s have a phone call because there are a few ways to set up your home search.

We can set up the search for daily and weekly notification, or if you are actively searching for a home, you can be placed on immediate notification. This set up is important because if you are on the daily notification and actively looking, the house may already be sold before you even saw it.  Included in that search we can hone down more precisely what you are looking for as well. Additionally, for clients who are actively looking we scour the market manually to ensure that nothing is missed due to incorrect data entry, private sales, exclusive listings and out of board listings. This is an important first step to get ready for the spring market.

Secondly, you need to ensure your preapproval is current and accurate.

A six-month preapproval, or someone telling you to find a house first and then get a preapproval is like going trick or treating without a pillowcase for your candy. Plus with COVID19 showing restrictions, it is expected that all viewings by potential buyers are properly vetted and have the resources to purchase the home.

Three great local mortgage specialists are:

Spin Mortgage

Mackenzie Gartside & Associates

Victor Anasimiv

If you already have a relationship with a mortgage broker, please feel free to use them. I know most of the mortgage brokers in British Columbia and work extremely close with your mortgage professional.

Thirdly, we need to have a strategy.

We need to see a few properties together so that you and I can get a feel for what you really want, what is realistic for your budget and what are the needs versus wants of the property. You need to see what a purchase agreement looks like and understand it before we make the offer. We need to cover the costs and timelines involved when purchasing a house on Vancouver Island. We need to ensure we can work together and can trust each other. I want to really hear you and what you need so that we are on the same page.

Finding you a home takes work on both of our sides. My goal is to have a relationship with you based on trust, joy and fun. To listen to what you need, to create an amazing purchasing experience and find you a home you want to live in for the long term.